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Mississippi Head Start Association

What did you like about the training? What could be improved?


Would you like more assistance and trianing in excel for data analysis?

Do you need additional help creating your goals, objectives and/or measurable outcomes?

Is it time for you to complete your comprehensive community assessment?

Would you like personalized and customized training for your program staff to increase the quality of data analysis?


If so, contact us! We would love to support your program directly!


We appreciate your participating and enjoyed getting to know you over the last three months!

Nolo & Maya

Training #3 (March 19, 2015): Using Your Program Data to Measure Program Impact and Improve Decision Making


PowerPoint Presentation

Excel Examples:

Training #2 (February 19, 2015): Program Goals, Objectives and Expected Outcomes 


PowerPoint Presentation

Five Year Grant Prezi

Resources and Handouts

Training #1 (January 20, 2015): Community Assessments


PowerPoint Presentation

CA Prezi

Resources and Handouts

Data for MS HS/EHS Grantees:

10 Year Child Population Growth by County (click image)

Parking Lot Items....

Text illustration tool: WORDLE

Website mentioned by Nita Norphlet-Thompson:

Supplemental Housing Benefits (Section 8) - See "HUD: Resident Characteristics Report" above

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