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About Us

mano-Y-ola is a multicultural team composed of experts in multiple fields.

Working primarily with organizations that serve local communities across the United States and Puerto Rico, we develop innovative and actionable solutions to accomplish goals.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help each professional love what they do.

Our Vision  

Our vision is to multiply opportunities for success​ for leaders and agencies that serve those experiencing disadvantage.

Our Core Values

The five guiding principles of our team are:


We listen because we value every person and we are open to the possibility of change;


We share knowledge, information, and experience with those who benefit;


We support a responsibility culture, not a blame culture;​


We are motivated to enhance our capacity to satisfy the clients’ purpose and goals;​


We focus on the job, not ego.

​Who We Are

mano-Y-ola is a minority and female-owned consulting firm based in North Carolina with team members and offices in in Colorado, Louisiana, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Wisconsin. The company (formerly known as Nolo Consulting, LLC) was founded by Dr. Nolo Martinez (“Nolo”) in 2009 and is co-owned by Dr. Nolo Martinez and Maya McElrath, who have 45 years of combined experience in the fields of leadership, education, family services, social work, and community development.  mano-Y-ola’s team is diverse in background, with experience in data research, civic engagement, education, social work and case management, international relations, business administration and law, communication and advertising, agricultural business, agronomy, administration, the arts.

mano-Y-ola’s focus areas are early childhood education programs, minority and immigrant farmer communities, and leadership development. Consulting services and programs include designing and completing research projects and comprehensive community assessments, planning and implementing outreach and advocacy activities, coaching, strategic planning, and leadership development. The company’s mission is to help each individual professional love what they do.

Our Team

Current and Former Clients and Partners

Over the past years we have worked with many diverse, interesting, and reputable companies whose services make a difference to people all over the world.

Clients and Partners
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