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Forestry and Agricultural Outreach

mano-Y-ola believes collaboration is key to success; through proactive advocacy and outreach, we develop networks and establish connections between community groups and organizations.

Education, Advocacy, and Outreach

mano-Y-ola is involved in a wide array of endeavors to support the sustainable and equitable development of Agriculture and Forestry throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


We are supported through the USDA and the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities on grants intending to support minority and underserved farmers, agricultural professionals, and forest landowners.


Our efforts encompass research, outreach, student internships, agricultural business education, community support and development, advocacy, and hosting the annual Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Symposium.

Young Professionals Development

mano-Y-ola's Farmer Equity Outreach Program, an educational and networking development program, conducts Virtual and Traveling Internships each year.

Our Virtual Internship leads interns through four educational modules before they implement what they have learned on a local farm.


Our Traveling Interns spend the summer in Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices, gaining real-world, professional experience.


We invite you to join our efforts by becoming an outreach partner and learning more about our work by visiting us at

Latino Farmers USA Website

To learn more about our Hispanic Farmer Outreach Programs, we encourage you to visit our sister website at

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