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Community Assessment Research

Our team offers a user-friendly list of resources and data analysis tools that help
nonprofit programs, government entities, and educators improve their primary and secondary research
to comply with program requirements
and develop better strategies to reach their program goals. 

Data Collection Resources

Sample Outline

Sample CA Outline.png

U.S. Census Data Tables

Census Data Tables.png

Sample Secondary Data Sources

CA Secondary Resources.png

Collecting primary data is crucial to any research project, especially for a Head Start Community Assessment. Below are surveys we have developed to assess the strengths and needs of Head Start / Early Head Start / Migrant Head Start children and families, as reported by parents and community leaders. 

Surveys are available in Spanish, Creole, and Arabic.

To support your secondary data research needs, mano-Y-ola offers the following resources and website links.

Homelessness and Public Housing Data and Reports

2020 Early Childhood Homeless Report.png
2023 AHAR.png
2023 OOR.png
2021 State of the Nation's Housing.png

Cost of Childcare & State of Preschool

2021 Child Care Affordability.png
2021 Early Learning Factsheets
(Center for American Progress)

Living Wage, Opportunity, and Debt

Opportunity Atlas.png

Health, Wellness, Food, Nutrition, and Obesity

City Health Dashboard.png
40 Maps that Explain Food in America.png
2021 State of Obesity.png
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