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Presentation materials, including Power Point and Excel files

2014 Florida Head Start Association Conference


On April 30, 2014 Nolo Consulting traveled to Orlando, FL to conduct a staff workshop and training during the 2014 FL Head Start Association Conference. The purpose of the training was to facilitate a discussion on how data serves to improve connections and collaborations with state and local entities in order to improve services to the “most in need.” This training was a result and follow up of a study completed by Nolo Consulting in the Fall of 2013 - the OHS Region IV Profile Assessment and TA Network Guide - commissioned by ICF International.


The project covers nine modules with three units each.


Module 1: Early Childhood Education Need

Module 2: Demographics: Race and Ethnicity

Module 3: Socioeconomic Status: Income and Poverty

Module 4: Federal Assistance

Module 5: Adult Educational Attainment

Module 6: Language

Module 7: Homelessness

Module 8: Disabilities

Module 9: Foster Care


The three units contained the following:


Unit 1: General overview of the topic(s) and analyses of actionable data (736 counties) in the 8 state region.

Unit 2: Review and analysis of PIR data sources relevant to the module’s topic. 

Unit 3: Conclusions and implications about the data indicator gathered, organized and analyzed.


The Florida "drill down" document prepared for the Florida State Head Start Collaboration Office offers a close look at each of the Florida HS/EHS grantees comparing select indicators from the 2012 Program Information Report (PIR) to environmental scan data (2011 ACS 5-yr estimate census data). The document covers the same 9 modules and supplements or replaces each of the second "units" of the original document. 


Participants requested a list of sources to help identify indicators such as the the number of grandparents who function as primary caregivers for their grandchildren or parents who are in the military with children under age of six. Please click here for the follow document completed and provided to participants. 


We want to extend a special thank you  to Lilli Copp, Director of the Florida State Head Start Collaboration Office for inviting and hosting us!


For additional resources or information to assist you in your research and data collection, please visit our "Resources and Data Analysis Tools" page or send us a message here. 


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