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mano-Y-ola is a multicultural team composed of experts in multiple fields. Working primarily with organizations that serve local communities across the United States and Puerto Rico, we develop innovative and actionable solutions to accomplish goals.

Research and Organizational Change Consultants


Our team of experienced researchers develops customized Scopes of Work for each project depending on your needs and areas of interest. After collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing data, we develop interactive reports that contain both visual images and narration to optimize your interaction with the data.

Organizational Change

Whether stemming from a change in leadership, a shift in client needs, or adjustments in communities, organizational change is a necessary part of any company’s evolution. We partner with executives and administrators and their teams to help them establish a baseline, clarify desired outcome(s), and successfully navigate through times of change.

Learn More About Us

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Our Team

mano-Y-ola is a minority and female-owned consulting firm based in North Carolina, with team members and offices in Colorado, Louisiana, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Our team is diverse in background, with experience in data research, civic engagement, education, social work and case management, international relations, business administration and law, communication and advertising, agricultural business, agronomy, administration, the arts.
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