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About Us

​We have successfully supported organizations whose internal structures and systems resist implementation of programs that fall outside of their standard modus operandi.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help each professional love what they do.

Our Vision  

Our vision is to multiply opportunities for success,​ for leaders, and agencies that serve those at a disadvantage.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Core Values

mano-Y-ola’s values define the culture we encourage, the standards we expect, and the principles that strengthen our team efforts. The five guiding principles of our team are:


We listen because we value every person and we are open to the possibility of change;


We share knowledge, information and experience with those who benefit;


We support a responsibility culture, not a blame culture;​


We are motivated to enhance our capacity to satisfy the clients’ purpose and goals;​


We focus on the job, not ego.

​Why us?

​We have successfully supported organizations whose internal structures and systems resist implementation of programs that fall outside of their standard modus operandi.

We embrace and have put into action an “outside of the box” thinking that allows programs to develop and/or tailor their mission, vision and services to a changing demographic and community.​

We leverage additional resources and opportunities that the organization has not identified and applied, allowing increased capacity for achieving success.


We are experienced in linking advocacy and service, allowing nonprofit organizations to gain credibility, stay relevant and acquire funding for expansion.

Our Coure Values
Why Us

mano-Y-ola offers different fee schedules, which may include time commitment services or consulting contracts based on specific projects.  Our rates take into consideration in-kind and matching needs of nonprofits.

Former and Current Clients & Partners

Over the past years we have worked with many diverse, interesting, and reputable companies whose services make a difference to people all over the world.
mano-Y-ola is a minority and female-owned consulting firm based in North Carolina with team members and offices in Mississippi, Puerto Rico, California, Texas, Louisiana, and the Netherlands. The company (formerly known as Nolo Consulting, LLC) was founded by Dr. Nolo Martinez (“Nolo”) in 2009 and is co-owned by Dr. Nolo Martinez and Maya McElrath, who have 45 years of combined experience in the fields of leadership, education, family services, social work, and community development.  mano-Y-ola’s team is diverse in background, ranging from team members with experience in civic engagement, administration, the arts, communication and advertising, social work and case management, education, international relations, business administration and law, agricultural business, and agronomy.

mano-Y-ola’s focus areas are early childhood education programs, minority and immigrant farmer communities, and leadership development. Consulting services and programs include designing and completing comprehensive community assessments,  effective strategic planning, grant evaluation, planning, and implementing outreach and advocacy activities. The company’s mission is to help each individual professional love what they do.

Clients and Partners

Our Team

Early Childhood Education

Alabama Head Start Association

Alabama Head Start State Collaborative Office

Alexander County Head Start

Anderson County Schools Head Start Program

Arkansas Human Development Corporation

Asheville City Schools

Bethlehem Center of Charlotte

Breckenridge-Grayson Programs, Inc. 

Brevard County Schools

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Miami, Inc.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Central Kentucky Community Action Council 

Childcare Resources. Inc.

Children and Families First

Children's Home Society of Florida

Choanoke Area Development Association

Clarksville-Montgomery Community Action Agency

Clinch-Powell Educational Cooperative

Coahoma Opportunities, Inc. 

Community Action Opportunities

Community Coordinated Care for Children

Community Development Institute (CDI)

Doña Ana County Head Start

Durham Head Start

Early Childhood Learning Services

Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project

Economic Opportunities Council of Indian River County, Inc.

El Grito Head Start

Enola Group

F.A.C.T., Inc

Families and Communities Rising

Family Services, Inc.

Florida Head Start Association


GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission

Great Expectations

Great Lakes Community Action Program 

Guilford Child Development

Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

Jefferson County Public Schools Head Start

Kentucky Head Start Association

Kentucky River Foothills Development Council

Lake Cumberland Community Action

Louisiana Head Start Association

Lowndes County Board of Education

Martin County Community Action

Metropolitan Action Commission


Mid-Cumberland Community Action

Mississippi Action for Progress, Inc.

Mississippi Head Start Association

Monroe County School District

Neighbors in Need Of Services, Inc.

North Carolina Head Start Association

North Carolina Head Start State Collaboration Office

North Florida Child Development

Oak Ridge Head Start Program

Operation Breakthrough, Inc.

Orange County Head Start

PathStone Corporation

Person County Schools

Polk County Public Schools Head Start Program

Prince William County Public Schools

Putnam County Head Start BOE

Regional Consolidated Services


Save the Children, Arkansas

Save the Children, Louisiana

Sequatchie Valley HS

South Central Human Resource Agency

Telamon Corporation

Tennessee Head Start Association

United Way of Miami-Dade

Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency

Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency


Wake County Smart Start

West Las Vegas Head Start/Early Head Start

Agricultural, Non-Profit, and Other

Alcorn State University

Acción Hispana / Que Pasa

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Coalition for Prosperous Mississippi

Cone Health Foundation

Council of Chief State School Officers

Curtis Media Group

Discovery Learning

Finca Bienestar

Kate B. Reynolds Foundation


LJ Conservation Matters, LLC

Louisiana Central


Mujeres de Isla

National Organization of Professional Hispanics

North Carolina Agromedicine Institute

North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Piedmont Health Services

Qualified Ventures

SCALE Summer Camp

Soil and Water Outcomes Fund

State of Guanajuato

Summit House

United States Department of Agriculture

USDA NRCS State Office, California

USDA NRCS State Office, Florida

USDA NRCS State Office, Indiana

USDA NRCS State Office, Louisiana

USDA NRCS State Office, Mississippi

USDA NRCS State Office, North Carolina

USDA NRCS State Office, Oregon

USDA NRCS State Office, Puerto Rico

USDA NRCS State Office, Virginia

University of North Carolina in Greensboro

University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez Campus

University of Puerto Rico, Utuado Campus


U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, Inc.

Victus Puerto Rico, Inc.

Welfare Reform Liaison Project, Inc. 

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